Saturday, September 3, 2011

universal error published a piece by me // vertebrae journal

universal error published my short story 'love in the club.' Much thanks and gratitude to the editor Chelsea Martin + UE.

'love in the club' is a revision of my short story '1582 love in the club' that appears in Crispin Best's for every year here. The revision/alternate version is a story from my forthcoming collection YOU PRIVATE PERSON | Scrambler Books (2012).


VERTEBRAE Journal issue one is now available through Powell's Books here.

VERTEBRAE Journal is edited by me, Jesus Castillo + Cosmo Spinosa.



Christina Wood
Kelsa Trom
Laura Rheaume
Thom Crowley
Jenny Alton
Frank Montesonti
Brianna Dougher
Steven Lance
Thomas Trudgeon
CL Bledsoe
Sarah Rothberg
Jena Osman with Amze Emmons
Leon Baham
Felipe Martinez
Ian Schimmelfennig


Fritz Aldrin Casas
Becca Farnsworth
Andersson Boe


Copies are also available at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Green Apple Books in San Francisco, and Adams Avenue Books + Warwick's in San Diego.

If you are a contributor and still have not received your copy, please contact me ( but know copies are on their way.

If you would like a review copy or would like to buy or carry VERTEBRAE, please contact me ( and we will work something out. Copies are limited.


Other things:

1 // Meggie Green/funyeah models a quote of mine for a photograph here.

2 // Jimmy Chen includes me in the 'safe zone/well adjusted' circle in his 'Internet persona afflictions' graph here.

3 // Megan Boyle draws me + Frances Dinger in Madrid here.

4 // Michael Inscoe graffitis 'Richard Chiem > Kayne' here.

5 // Fiction Daily posted a line from my short story 'we are a goldmine' here.

6 // Frank Hinton makes a collage of her favorite writers here.

7 // elalmeria re an anthology of 'new wave american poets' entitled 'vomit,' edited by Luna Miguel here.

8 // excerpt by Ben Lerner from Leaving The Atocha Station on Muumuu House here.

9 // Dennis Cooper re Tina Aumont & Delphine Seyrig Days here.

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