Monday, April 23, 2012

my name is mud published a piece by me

my name is mud published my short story 'pets with insomnia.' Much thanks and gratitude to Adam Maynard.

'pets with insomnia' is an excerpt from a novel I am currently working on tentatively titled 'gigantic.'

Other excerpts:
pop serial here
elimae here
universal error here

Michael Inscoe has made a short film based on one of my short story 'we are a goldmine.' The story is from my collection of stories YOU PRIVATE PERSON forthcoming from Scrambler Books later this year. Much love and gratitude to Michael. Michael Inscoe is my brother. Watch the video below.

This post is dedicated to my late uncle, Jeffrey Davis.

Other things:
1 // INTERNET POETRY published a piece by Frances Dinger + me here.
2 // I reviewed Green Girl by Kate Zambreno here.
3 // Paul Constant of The Stranger re my reading with APRIL LIT CRAWL here.
4 // Seattle Star re my reading with APRIL LIT CRAWL here.
5 // My short story 'cities' is featured on bright stupid confetti here.
6 // 'we are a goldmine' for Frances Dinger directed by Michael Inscoe below

'We Are a Gold Mine' (for Frances Dinger) by Richard Chiem from Michael Inscoe on Vimeo.

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