Friday, November 2, 2012

you private person // published by scrambler books

YOU PRIVATE PERSON, my first collection of short stories, published by Scrambler Books, is now available. 

Stephen Tully Dierks interviewed re my writing, my life in Seattle, my life in San Diego, and movies I liked growing up on HTML GIANT here

Much thanks and eternal gratitude to my publisher, Jeremy Spencer. He is a master.

Much love and thanks to Dennis Cooper, Kate Zambreno, and Blake Butler for their wonderful blurbs, and to Mark Leidner for the perfect cover. I owe you people everything.

The book is for Frances Dinger.

YPP is available directly from Scrambler Books here
Amazon page is here.
Goodreads page is here.

Soon to be available from Small Press Distribution here.

Tonight Frances and I are going to play video games all night and finish all the wine.

Thank you, everyone.

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