Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my other blog is a blogspot // designed by Steve Roggenbuck

Prodigal 23 yr old poet from Chicago, Steve Roggenbuck, has designed a new blog for me. Thank you for looking / surfing through my new site. The design is among some of the best I have seen anywhere online or in real life.

Steve Roggenbuck (b. 1987) is the author of the poetry chapbooks i am like october when i am dead and DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM. His work has appeared widely on the internet. His first chapbook, which Steve released into the public domain, will be celebrating its three month anniversary. He his poetry and his design work has been linked / mentioned many times by the likes of Ron Silliman, Tao Lin, and Stephen Tully Dierks. He has work forthcoming everywhere until the end of time.

I think of the words prolific and talent and god damn when I read Steve's work / when I hear about a new project he is undertaking. Please check out what he has been doing with his time for the benefit of your time. Steve also writes very thoughtful essays and book reviews.

Coming soon:

1 // I am going to review INFERNO (a poet's novel) by Eileen Myles (O/R BOOKS), i am like october when i am dead by Steve Roggenbuck, This is Controversial by Ana C., THE WHALE by Aidan Koch, everything will be okay + i am so proud of you by Don Hertzfeldt, The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996), Slows Jams + Bruised Fruit + CURSIVE A Book of Dirty Drawings + DAVID CHOE by David Choe, and MDMA by Tao Lin and Megan Boyle.

2 // I am currently working on a new manuscript titled BLOWING UP LOS ANGELES. In February , two side stories from this manuscript will be published by decomP and kill author and possibly other places.

3 // OH NO EVERYTHING IS WET NOW an e book by myself and Ana C., will be published by MAGIC HELICOPTER PRESS. Mike Young has plans to make it a new kind of e book experience.

4 // I am working on a new e book with Michael Inscoe. Details coming soon with a sneak preview.


  1. actually i was born in 87 bro hehe

    the post titles really look good.. nice and im glad you are digging the design

  2. sorry, man. i fixed that right away


    thank you so much. with gratitude.

    we are the space jam soundtrack, man.