Friday, January 28, 2011

frank hinton interviewed me // the youth is write fix it broken

Frank Hinton interviewed me for fix it broken / the youth is write series. The interview is a video of Frank taping our facebook chat conversation while she surfs the web and explores information.

We talk about Vietnam, minimalism, BLOWING UP LOS ANGELES, other writers and friends in the online lit scene, and my girlfriend.

I recommend watching the interview in full screen with good emotional music playing in the background. During the interview Frank is listening to Love Cry by Four Tet among other things. On my end The Execution of All Things by Rilo Kiley has been playing on repeat for a few days and all throughout the interview. We both listen to Ween.

My favorite moment in the interview is when Frank revises a sentence in between chat messages. The real time quality of the video has a mesmerizing effect for the viewer. The cursor becomes strangely comforting and warm. One person is waiting and the other is reading.

Greg Dybec, the founder and editor in chief for the journal, is onto something. The interview series features:

Mike Young, Ana Carrete, Frank Hinton, Steve Roggenbuck, Parker Tettleton, Amanda Deo, Greg Dybec, Peter Kispert, Shannon Peil, and myself, showcasing a ten week endeavor.

Much thanks and gratitude to Greg and Frank. Below is the video.

Other things:

1 // Frank Hinton mentions me here / and here. ~blow jobs and really good hip hop.

2 // Cassandra Troyan has invited me to read via skype for the new EAT EATER in March. Listen to some audio recordings from two EAR EATER readings so far here / and here on James Payne's blogger.

3 // Masha Tupitsyn reads from BEAUTY TALK & MONSTERS on kqed arts in 2008 here.

4 // Frances Dinger interviews Stephen Tully Dierks, the founder editor and young icon of Pop Serial here.

5 // Help Steve Roggenbuck concoct a book cover and remix for his upcoming website/book here.

richard chiem, frank hinton and the apparatus of independent online publishing from Frank Hinton on Vimeo.