Tuesday, February 8, 2011

kill author published a piece by me // two videos directed by ana c. + me

kill author published my short story titled 'the same thing we do every night pinky.' Much thanks and gratitude to the cool and anonymous editors. Also in this issue, three poems by Feng Sun Chen, fiction by Greg Dybec and two poems by xTx, among others.

Last night: Ana C. texts me in her car and makes plans to ditch her Psychology class. I am loopy after work still in uniform when I answer her. We go to go get ice cream again. Below are the videos / some footage of what happens next.

In the videos: Notes track how and what people communicate over Tumblr.

Other things:

1 // INTERNET POETRY is currently taking submissions.

2 // Dark Sky Magazine interviews Frank Hinton.

3 // Osy Chung from Hong Kong is the winner of Steve Roggenbuck's photo contest and will be the cover for his forthcoming poetry book, DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM. Frances Dinger / and I finish with seven votes here.

4 // I will be reading via Skype with Blake Butler, Lindsay Hunter, Emily Jones, and Mike Kitchell at the EAR EATER reading series in Chicago, IL / 2 / 26 / 2011. More details coming soon.

5 // The third video is something I found from Stephen Tully Dierks: an 8 bit cover of The End Has No End by The Strokes. Try playing it quietly / simultaneously with the first two videos.


  1. sweet mang

    that is exciting about the ear eater. i hadn't heard about blake and mike. cool

  2. Yeah! It's set! Plus Lindsay Hunter and my friend Emily Jones!
    All-star cast!

  3. @stephen thanks man.

    @cassie i am stoked.