Monday, February 7, 2011

decomP published a piece by me // three videos directed by ana c.

decomP published my short story titled 'reasons why we could not be men in the movie Centurion.' Much thanks and gratitude to the editor, Jason Jordan. Also in this issue, a poem by Tyler Gobble and flash prose by Saehee Cho, my former fiction tutor at UCSD.

Ana C. recently shot and released some footage of the two of us eating vanilla ice cream at the McDonald's in La Jolla, CA, feeling despondent after watching BLUE VALENTINE eating ice cream at the McDonalds in La Jolla, CA, discussing Tao Lin and Megan Boyle, and reading from Cassandra and Cody Troyan's chapbook BIG BILL AND THE LONELY NATION. Below are the videos.

Other things:

1 // Mike Young mentions me, Frank Hinton and HOUSEFIRE here / and here.

2 // Zachary Whalen has 46 comments / and a collection of poetry by me, Crispin Best, DJ Berndt, Steve Roggenbuck, Stephen Tully Dierks and others here.

3 // Frances Dinger interviews Frank Hinton here / and DJ Berndt here.

4 // Philip Rex Huddleston and Michael Inscoe and we ate the book are all onto something incredibly secret and thrilling. Suspect big things a stirring. A new video here.

5 // Peter Alexander (above painting) 1988 - 1991 LAX here.