Monday, February 28, 2011

the rivalry of dancers // a video by michael inscoe

Michael Inscoe made a short film based on one of my short stories the rivalry of dancers. Much love thanks and gratitude to Michael. Read the short story on Metazen here.

The photo to the right is his.

I am writing an e book with Michael due out later this year. Michael Inscoe is a brother of mine.

Other things:

1 // Michael edits unsure if i will allow for my beard to grow for much longer here.

2 // Wintry Now by Michael Inscoe on Metazen here.

3 // DON'T DIE ALONE by Michael Inscoe cover surfaces here.

4 // Rock Candy The Arkansas Times Entertainment Blog covers Michael Inscoe's writing here.
His kickstarter project is here.

5 // Michael Inscoe, along with Philip Rex Huddleston, is one of the founders of we ate the book here.

6 // Daytona 500 by Ghostface Killah is one of Michael's favorite songs.

Below is the video.

'the rivalry of dancers' by Richard Chiem from Michael Inscoe on Vimeo.

* spoiler * my favorite parts in the film are the scene with Frances, the way the film is scored, and how it ends. Crispin Best makes a cool cameo too.