Thursday, March 31, 2011

mud luscious press published a piece by me // oh no everything is wet now a video trailer

mud luscious press published my short story titled 'we are a gold mine.' Much thanks and gratitude to the editors J. A. Tyler and Andrew Borgstrom.

we are a gold mine is dedicated to Frances Dinger.

Earlier this week, I came home from a hard day at work to an envelope addressed from Megan Boyle. Inside was a sweet note, some photographs, and a copy of 'BEBE ZEVA.' I was happy like a fat kid during a hot good pizza. I felt the happiness of eating pizza without eating pizza.

Coming soon Because my schedule will be less hectic for a couple of days, I will be reviewing 'MDMA' and 'BEBE ZEVA' finally.

Coming soon 'OH NO EVERYTHING IS WET NOW' a collaborative e book by Ana. C and myself will be forthcoming from MAGIC HELICOPTER PRESS.

Below is the trailer.

Below is a video directed by Michael Inscoe / 'selected works a video series'

Other things:

1 // Frances Dinger interviews Mike Young here.

2 // WHAT IF, WENDY is now on goodreads here.

3 // Frank Hinton writes about U STREAM FOR ICE CREAM (with Richard Chiem + Frances Dinger) here.

4 // An interview with Luna Miguel on HTML GIANT here.

5 // GIZMODO publishes Megan Boyle here.

6 // HOUSEFIRE publishes 'Someone Asked Me' by Michael Inscoe here.

7 // THUNDERCLAP! PRESS publishes 'Cleanup on Aisle Five' by Ana C. here.

8 // PANGUR BAN PARTY publishes 'Arcane Carnal Knowledge' a poetry series by Feng Chen here.