Saturday, May 28, 2011

titular journal published a piece by me // orange alert podcast episode 63 : tell me the truth

titular journal published my short story 'planet b boy'/'bees have to move very fast to stay still.'

Much thanks and gratitude to the editors Sara McGrath, Reynard Seifert, and Jimmy Chen.

Also, my recording of 'planet b boy'/'bees have to move very fast to stay still' is now live on THE ORANGE ALERT PODCAST.

Jason Behrends delivers another soothing, entertaining show.

Other things:

1 // Josh Spilker recommends me in WHAT TO READ (RIGHT NOW) XVII @ impose here.

2 // There are No Entities, Only Processes: Re: Frank Hinton's I Don't Respect Female Espression by Stephen Tully Dierks @ HTML GIANT here.

3 // Frank Hinton reviews OH NO EVERYTHING IS WET NOW here.

4 // BRET EASTON ELLIS' FIRST NOVEL by Andrew James Weatherhead @ Muumuu House here.

1 Alexander. Truth
2 Germany Germany. Take Me Home
3 Richard Chiem. Planet B Boy
4 Pet Lions. When I Grow Old
5 Big Pauper. Big Sick
6 Lauryn Allison Lewis. live from The Orange Alert Reading Series
7 Hospital Ships. Love or Death

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