Monday, June 6, 2011

thought catalog published a piece by me // how to survive a car accident

thought catalog published my nonfiction piece 'how to survive a car accident'.

Much thanks and gratitude to TC and to its senior editor Brandon Scott Gorrell.

The photo to the right is the totaled car, where I sat in the passenger's seat. I also have a photo of myself and my injury during the accident.

A few days ago, I booked my flight for Seattle. It was one of my favorite moments in recent memory.

7 JULY 2011.

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  1. oh are u actually moving there? or "one way ticket" for an unknown length of stay? congrats on living life in spite of the accident bro :)

  2. @steve i am moving there to live, man. live lief.

    @stephen thank you, mang. yours is too.

  3. that is awesome richard :) im happy for you

  4. @frances one way ticket, love =)

    @steve =)