Thursday, July 14, 2011

metazen published two poems by me // summer backyard reading series

metazen published my two poems 'no school three + four'. These poems are dedicated to Zachary Whalen and Steve Roggenbuck respectively. Much thanks and gratitude to the editor and close friend Frank Hinton and company. The poems are from my collection 'no school poems' which are bro love poems.

They are found originally in the comments section of a Zachary blog post here.

'no school one', which was dedicated to Crispin Best, was published by thunderclap press and can be found here.

'no school five', dedicated to Stephen Tully Dierks, is forthcoming from artifice magazine later this year.

For more on bro love literature, or the new poetic movement Bromanticism, read Christopher Higgs and his first coverage on HTML GIANT here.


unsure if i will allow my beard to grow for much longer published my short story 'film studies (reading beauty talk & monsters)'. Much thanks and gratitude to the editor and close friend of mine Michael Inscoe. Michael will be in Chicago this week with Meggie Green. If you're in the area, please say hi and buy them a few drinks.


I will be reading this Saturday (16 JUL 2011) at the Summer Backyard Reading Series Presents : HOUSEFIRE with Scott McClanahan, Matthew Simmons, and Lindsay Allison Ruoff, with a musical performance by Rob Gray. Much thanks and gratitude to Frances Dinger, Rahel Tesfahun, and Riley Michael Parker.

The flyer to the right is designed by Tara Atkinson.

I am now living in Seattle, WA. I am in love.


Other things:

1 // poem from I LOVE MUSIC by Stephen Tully Dierks + Steve Roggenbuck here.

2 // Matthew Simmons reviews OH NO EVERYTHING IS WET NOW on HTML GIANT here.

3 // Purchase and view MUMBLECORE directed by Megan Boyle + Tao Lin here.

4 // WORK FOR MEGACORP AND MAKE MEGACORP WORK FOR YOU! by Bradley Sands on Pangur Ban Party here.


  1. Seattle is in love with Richard.

    The internet is in love with Richard.

    I am in love with Richard.

  2. congrats on ur <3 richard,
    both your being in love and,
    as dj has highlighted,
    your being loved by the World :)

  3. @DJ brothers for life
    @steve brothers for lief

  4. Sweet poems, Richard! Congrats, and have fun at the reading...

  5. @stephen brothers for lief
    @eric thank you. you are king, king kong

  6. liked the poems. also, vigo mortensen could play you in the movie of your short story (dir. cronenberg).

  7. @richard thank you. did you know viggo is playing sigmund freud in the new cronenberg?

  8. + michael fassbender/carl jung. looking forward to it, crony is my homie.