Friday, February 11, 2011

housefire published a piece by me // old tampons directed by philip rex huddleston + michael inscoe

housefire published my short story titled 'the first time (or someone like me would have a chance in a movie).' Much thanks and gratitude to Riley Michael Parker. I am paired with xtx and her lush new first time story. I have read her story maybe ~3 times now.

housefire is a sister / cousin site of metazen. They are solicited fiction reviews and interviews. All the pieces are conducted by prompts and the creative impulses of Riley Michael Parker and friends. TWO-FIFTY is their forthcoming chapbook. Some confirmed contributors so far for the chapbook include xtx, Ryan W. Bradley, Peter Schwarts, Len Kuntz and myself.

'the first time (or someone like me could have a chance in a movie)' is an excerpt from my forthcoming e book with Michael Inscoe, titled womanizer.

Yesterday rumors surface from Little Rock, AR. From the house where Michael lives with Philip Rex Huddleston / we ate the book. While online chatting with my girlfriend ~around noon, I receive notice they have adapted and scored my short story 'old tampons' into a short film. OLD TAMPONS is directed by Philip Rex Huddleston and Michael Inscoe. Music is composed by Philip Rex Huddleston. It stars Michael Inscoe, Meggie Green and Melinda Wheeler. Below the first video is the teaser trailer.

The second video is a film by Michael Inscoe. Narrated by me, reading from Frank Hinton's forthcoming chapbook 'I don't respect female expression.' Something Pure and Good by Frank Hinton.

The first picture is Michael (on the laptop) and Philip advising nearby.

The second picture is Philip looking out with his guitar.

The third picture is a collaboration project with Neon Glittery / Elizabeth Ashley Arnold aka Arnie. Her gorgeous artwork is the result of her reading excerpts from BLOWING UP LOS ANGELES, a novel I am currently writing.

Other things:

1 // Brett Gallagher and Elizabeth Arnold's e chapbook Loop Loop Endogenous Nightscape is available here.

2 // MDMA (20 JAN 2011) directed by Tao Lin and Megan Boyle is now available. More information here / and here.

3 // Editor Blaise Larmee and Caroline Bren give Comets Comets a webzine that's also a website a new design here.

4 // Frank Hinton / Metazen mentions the OLD TAMPONS teaser trailer here.

*much thanks gratitude and love to philip rex huddleston michael inscoe meggie green melinda wheeler frank hinton and frances dinger. more projects to come.

'Something pure and good' by Frank Hinton from Michael Inscoe on Vimeo.