Tuesday, August 2, 2011

elimae + corium magazine published a piece by me // meeting robert lopez

elimae published my short story 'cutty'. Much thanks and gratitude to the editors Cooper Renner and Brandon Hobson. Also in this issue Frank Hinton, J.A. Tyler, Helen Vitoria, Mike Topp and others.

I wrote the story after watching 'BEBE ZEVA' + an episode from season three of The Wire.


corium magazine published my short story 'savannah'. Much thanks and gratitude to the editor Lauren Becker. Working with Lauren was one of my favorite experiences working with an editor and I enjoyed going through the process with her.


I have recently finished reading HORROR HOSPITAL + GUIDE both by Dennis Cooper. I recommend both very highly.

The image that is posted was made by Michael Inscoe. Also reposted because of a few requests piling up in my inbox is a video directed by Michael adapted from my short story 'the rivalry of dancers', originally published by Metazen and is forthcoming in my first collection of short stories YOU PRIVATE PERSON from Scrambler Books (2012). Please enjoy.


Last night, Frances and I went to go see Robert Lopez read at Elliott Bay and later had drinks with he and his friends with Matthew Simmons. Robert is to publish a short piece by me in his NO NEWS TODAY. I was very affected by the reading and meeting Robert afterwards was a joy. His approach to writing and performing is very close to what I would like to accomplish in writing in that his confidence does not disrupt the gentle thing his does line by line but it compliments as though he is a narrator in a film an aggression to create beauty in suspense in narrative and strange understanding. All his books reveal this pleasure. We spoke together about commas and other things.

Because it was such a strange party, Frances and I spent most of our time watching Robert from a short distance on the patio outside the bar and sharing drinks with the very sweet and thoughtful Matthew Simmons. Before the night ended I wanted to start a black metal band with Matthew and get tattoos while drinking bourbon in a basement somewhere.


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